CECCIA is a platform to stimulate networking in the culture and creative field. Networking will take place at business and policy levels to promote exchanges whether at artistic, business or political level.

Are you a cultural institution, an artist, a creative company, a policy maker?

Do you wish to connect  with China or Europe to explore opportunities for trade and cooperation?

CECCIA will help you.

CECCIA believes that culture contributes to innovation and sustainability. CECCIA want to be instrumental in promoting mutual understanding and cultural dialogue between two civiliazations.


CCIs' vital statistics

In the EU the culture and creative industries are one of the most innovative sectors of the economy. With over 1.3 million companies, they contribute to 3% of the EU's GDP and employ 6 million people.

Added value from China's cultural industry rose 25.8% year-on-year to 1.1 trillion yuan ($172 billion) in 2010, making up only a 2.75% share of the GDP, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics.

China is ambitious to double it in the coming five years. A report released in November by Huabao Securities Co Ltd predicted that the added value from the cultural industry would reach 2.79 trillion yuan by then.

Cai Wu, minister of Culture, also expects the cultural added value to contribute 5% to GDP by 2016.